Last News

This page gives you the latest news for the users who reads this website in the english language.

It has been a few years ago since I have updated my webpage for the last time.
That does not mean that nothing happens. I have just finished a 31 note Midi crank organ with six!! 
registers and that took a lot of time. Meanwhile many photos of the Höffle crank organ has beed added.

The page Dutch championship handcrankorgans Ede 2011 has been added.

The page "Little Mary, a 42 key hybrid organ" has been added.

The page "Who is Walter Höffle" has been added.

Several errors removed from the webpage and photo added from Dwayne Glanton.

More midi's added to the download page. I have had several good critics on the book of Höffle.
Also some improvement, which will be implemented in the next edition. If there are people, who are 
interested in a Spanish or Italian version of this book, please let me know.

Photo's added from Manuel Gomez Carreras (Spain). The last time several midi's added 
on the download page.

From several people i have received detailed photo's of the Höffle organ, wich are a great
addition to the construction plans. I would say: keep on sending pictures.

More midi's added to the download page. 20 key midi files are welcome if you have them.
They will be published on this website.

Due to a heart attack i could not maintain the website. I hope that i can do it the next

Due to lack of time i did not update my website, but i will do this the next day's.
For the English pages i have added the perhaps most important page "Download".

I have visited queensday in Zuthen. More than 15 self made crank organs were there. 
Unfortunately this day was overshadowed bij the accident in Apeldoorn.

Several additional pages translated into English. Also i have received photo's of Derek Deane's self built

The translation of Walter Höffle's book is ready an can be obtained at:
As you see, the first english pages are there. I will translate more if i become more reactions 
of my web site. You can send me a e-mail by
At this moment i work on the translation of Walter Höffle's book "Bau einer Drehorgel", which has
the english title "How to build a crank organ". The introduction page is ready and is published 
already on this website.